Order o Noble Leddies o Queen Maria Luisa

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Order o Noble Leddies o Queen Maria Luisa
Venera de la Orden de las Damas Nobles de María-Luisa.svg
Badge of the Order
Badge of the Order of Maria Louisa with ribbon.jpg
Sash o the Order, belonging tae the Empress Maria Alexandrovna o Roushie
Awaird o Spain
Teep Order o knichthood for weemen
Ryal hoose Bourbons o Spain
Ribbon Order of Queen Maria Luisa - Ribbon bar.svg
Sovereign Keeng Felipe VI
Grand Mistress Queen Letizia (de facto)
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Dame-Grand Cross
Established April 21 1792 De facto extinct
Established 1792; 229 years ago (1792)
First induction Queen Maria Luisa
Last induction Queen Sofía o Spain
Next (heicher) Order o Carlos III
Next (lawer) Order o Isabel the Catholic

The Ryal Order o Noble Leddies o Queen Maria Luisa wis an Order creatit bi King Charles IV o Spain bi ryal decree in Aprile 21 1792, at the request o his wife, Queen Maria Luisa, tae reward noble weemen wha distinguished themselves for their services an talents. As such, it wis established as an honour reserved anly for weemen.