Order o Assassins

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Rudkhan Castle in the Alborz muntain range, Iran
Formation1090 AD
Extinction1275 AD
TeepMilitar order
Offeecial leid
Parent organisation
AffiliationsNizari Ismaili state

Assassins (Persie Ḥashashiyan, Arabic Ḥashīshiyya or Ḥashīshiyyīn, seengular Ḥashīshī) war the Nizari Ismailis in the muntains o Persie an Sirie atween aboot 1090 to 1275. The name wis nae uised bi the Nizaris themsels, but wis gien tae them bi thair opponents in Sirie. Nizarism formed in the late 11t century efter a split within Ismailism, a brainch o Islam. While "Assassins" teepically refers tae the enteer sect, anerly a group o acolytes kent as the fida'i actually engaged in conflict. Lackin thair awn army, the Nizari lippent on thir warriors tae cairy oot espionage an assassinations o key enemy feegurs, an ower the coorse o 300 years thay killt twa caliphs, an mony viziers, sultans, an Crusader leaders.[1] Mentions o Assassins war preserved within European soorces – sic as the writins o Marco Polo – whaur thay are depictit as trained killers, responsible for the seestematic elimination o opponin feegurs. The wird "assassin" haes been uised iver syne tae descrive a hired or perfaisional killer, leadin tae the relatit term "assassination", that denotes ony action involvin murther o a heich-profile target for poleetical raisons.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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