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Mission type Mars rover
Operator NASA
COSPAR ID 2003-032A
Wabsteid JPL's Mars Exploration Rover
Mission duration Planned: 90 sols (92.5 days)
Current: 5354 sols (5501 days) syne laundin
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type Rover
Dry mass 185 kilograms (408 lb) (rover anly)
Start o mission
Launch date Not recognized as a date. Years must have 4 digits (use leading zeros for years < 1000).[1][2]
Rocket Delta II 7925H-9.5[2][3][4]
Launch steid Cape Canaveral SLC-17B
Contractor Boeing
End o mission
Last contact 10 Juin 2018
Mars rover
Landin date January 25, 2004,[1] 05:05 UTC SCET
MSD 46236 14:35 AMT
Landin steid 1°56′46″S 354°28′24″E / 1.9462°S 354.4734°E / -1.9462; 354.4734 (Opportunity rover)[5]
Distance covered 42.91 km (26.7 mi)[6] (as o 3 Julie 2016)

Nasa mer daffy.png
The launch patch for Opportunity, featurin Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck)

Mars Exploration Program
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Opportunity, an aa kent as MER-B (Mars Exploration Rover – B) or MER-1, is a robotic rover that wis active on Mars frae 2004 tae 2018.[1]

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