Opium Wars

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Opium Wars
Second Opium War-guangzhou.jpg
Combat at Guangzhou (Canton) during the Seicont Opium War
Date1839–1842, 1856–1860
Result Victory o the Wastern pouers ower Cheenae, resultin in the Treaty o Nanjing an the Treaties o Tientsin
Hong Kong Island an soothren Kowloon cedit tae the Unitit Kinrick

Unitit Kinrick Breetish Empire
Fraunce French Empire (1856–1860)

United States Unitit States (1856 an 1859)
Qing Dynasty

The Opium Wars, kent as the Anglo-Cheenese Wars an aw, comprise the First Opium War frae 1839 tae 1842 an the Seicont Opium War frae 1856 tae 1860. These wur the climax o disputes ower trade an diplomatic relations atween Cheenae unner the Qing Dynasty an the Breetish Empire.