Operation Overlord

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Operation Overlord
Pairt o the Wastren Front o Warld War II
NormandySupply edit.jpg
LCT wi barrage balloons afloat, unlaidin supplies on Omaha for the brak-oot frae Normandy.
Date6 Juin – 30 August 1944
(2 months, 3 weeks and 3 days)
LocationNorthren Fraunce
Result Allied veectory
 Italian Social Republic[a]
Commanders an leaders
  • 1,452,000 truips (bi 25 Julie)[b]
  • 2,052,299 (bi the end o August)[9]
  • 380,000 truips (bi 23 Julie)[10]
  • ~640,000 truips tot[11]
  • 2,200[12] – 2,500 tanks an assault guns[13][14]
Casualties an losses
  • 288,695[17] tae 530,000[18] casualties
  • 2,127 aircraft[19]
  • 1,500[20] tae 2,400 tanks an assault guns lost[13]

Ceevilian daiths:

  • 11,000–19,000 killt in pre-invasion bombin[21]
  • 13,632–19,890 killt in invasion[22]
  • Tot: 25,000–39,000 killt

Operation Overlord wis the codename for the Battle o Normandy, the Allied operation that launched the successfu invasion o German-occupied Wastren Europe in Warld War II.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Italian Social Republic forces in Operation Overlord war componed bi the 4,000 men o the 1ª Divisione Atlantica Fucilieri di Marina stationed on the coast o Normandy an on the Channel Islands. Viganò 1991, p. 181. Ither forces include umwhile preesoners-o-war put in labour an anti-air units. Frittoli 2019.
  2. Around 812,000 war American an 640,000 war Breetish an Canadian (Zetterling 2000, p. 408).
  3. In addeetion, the Allied air forces made 480,317 sorties directly connectit tae the operation, wit the loss o 4,101 planes an 16,714 leeves. Tamelander & Zetterling 2003, p. 341.

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