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SynonymsRiver blindness, Robles disease
Onchocerca volvulus emerging from a black fly.jpg
An adult black fly wi the parasite Onchocerca volvulus comin oot o the insect's antenna, magnifee'd 100x
SpecialtyInfectious disease
SymptomsItchin, bumps unner the skin, blindness[1]
CausesOnchocerca volvulus spreid bi a black fly[1]
PreventionAvoidin bites (insect repellent, proper cleidin)[2]
MedicationIvermectin, doxycycline[3][4]
Frequency15.5 million (2015)[5]

Onchocerciasis, an aw kent as river blindness, is a disease caused bi infection wi the parasitic wirm Onchocerca volvulus.[1] Symptoms include severe itchin, bumps unner the skin, an blindness.[1] It is the seicont-maist common cause o blindness due tae infection, efter trachoma.[6]

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