Omer Šipraga

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Omer Šipraga
BornOmer (Mujo) Šipraga
7 Januar 1926(1926-01-07)
Šiprage, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Died7 Apryle 2012(2012-04-07) (aged 86)
Cause o daith
Complications o hearth
Restin place
NaitionalityBosnia and Herzegovina
EddicationCommunist Academy
Alma materCommunist Academy
ThriftPartisan, ecologist, famous angler, activist
Kent forLocal activism, Regional celebrity
Hauf-marrae(s)Azemina Šipraga, born Kovačević (1929 →) (legally)
ChilderZijad, Nijaz and Mirsada
ParentsMujo Šipraga
Mina Šipraga

Omer Šipraga (Šiprage, 7. Januar 1926 – 7. Apryle 2012) was a partisan, alongside his brither Mustafa, one of the first local uprisings in World War II in Šiprage Municipality.[1]

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Omer Šipraga was born in 1926 into the aristrocratic faimily of Mujo Šipraga, a direct descendant of one of the founders of the local settlement, today the local community of Šiprage. Raised in a loving faimily, at a young age he was committed to resisting violence of Gendarmerie in Kingdom of Yugoslavie, and then joining Bosnia and Herzegovina in Independent State of Croatia

Immediately after the formation of the first local partisan unit called Troop from the Djevojačka ravan, also known as Imljani's troop or as Troop of Šiprage though a minor, joins her ranks and displays remarkable courage. This recommends it for ideological guidance and inclusion in Communist Youth. He first attended a course for young applicants, and in 1942 was elected secretary of the Communist Youth.[1]

“Such work also affected the mass response of youth to join the ranks of the proletarian brigades and a newly formed partisan troops. Then the assets of Comunist Youth and National Liberation committees were restored. Massive assets of communist have been expanded and expanded. In Šiprage, the secretary was Omer Šipraga, in Skender-Vakuf, Jovanka Crnomarković, and in Maslovare, Nevenka Petrić. In the liberated Kotor-Varoš, the Comunist Youth asset was established in which the secretary was Advan Hozić, and members Arfan Hozić, Mustafa Karaselimović, Teufik Korić-Tufko, Drago Luburić and Vlasta Tvrz“.[1]

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