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Emperor o the
Wastren Roman Empire
Anicius Olybrius.png
Cunyie o Emperor Olybrius
Ring Mairch 23 or Julie 11 – October 23 or November 2, 472
Predecessor Anthemius
Successor Glycerius
Dee'd (472-10-22)October 22, 472 or (472-11-02)November 2, 472 (aged 41)
Issue Anicia Juliana
Full name
Anicius Olybrius

Anicius Olybrius[1] (died October 22 or November 2, 472) wis Wastren Roman Emperor frae Aprile or Mey 472 tae his daith. He wis in reality a puppet ruler, put on the throne bi the Roman general o Germanic strynd Ricimer, an was mainly interestit in releegion, while the actual pouer wis held bi Ricimer an his nephew Gundobad.

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