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Category Nesosilicate
Olivine group
Olivine series
(repeatin unit)
(Mg, Fe)2SiO4
Creestal seestem Orthorhombic
Colour Yellae tae yellae-green
Creestal habit Massive tae granular
Cleavage Puir
Fractur Conchoidal – brittle
Mohs scale haurdness 6.5–7
Skinkle Vitreous
Streak None
Diaphaneity Transparent tae translucent
Speceefic gravity 3.2–4.5[1][2][3][4]
Optical properties Biaxial (+)
Refractive index nα = 1.630–1.650
nβ = 1.650–1.670
nγ = 1.670–1.690
Birefringence δ = 0.040
References [5][6][7]

The meeneral olivine is a magnesium airn silicate wi the formula (Mg+2, Fe+2)2SiO4.

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