Oliver Smithies

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Oliver Smithies
Oliver Smithies HD2009 AIC Gold Medal portrait (cropped).JPG
Born23 Juin 1925(1925-06-23)
Halifax, Wast Yorkshire, Ingland
Dee'd10 Januar 2017(2017-01-10) (aged 91)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US
NaitionalityUnitit Kinrick, Unitit States
Alma materVarsity o Oxford (BA , PhD)
Kent for
Scientific career
ThesisPhysico-chemical properties of solutions of proteins (1951)

Oliver Smithies (23 Juin 1925 – 10 Januar 2017) wis a Breetish-born American geneticist an Nobel laureate,[2] creditit wi the introduction o starch as a medium for gel electrophoresis in 1955,[3] an the simultaneous discovery, wi Mario Capecchi an Martin Evans, o the technique o homologous recombination o transgenic DNA wi genomic DNA, a much mair reliable method o alterin ainimal genomes than previously uised, an the technique behind gene tairgetin an knockoot mice.[4][5][6]

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