Olga Tañón

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Olga Tañón
Background information
Birth nameOlga Teresa Tañón Ortíz
Born (1967-04-13) 13 Aprile 1967 (age 56)
San Juan, Puerto Rico
ThriftRecording artist
Years active1987–present

Olga Tañón (born 13 Apryle 1967), is a Puerto Rican recordin airtist. Ower the course o her career, she haes earned twa Grammy Awards, three Latin Grammy Awards, an 30 Premios Lo Nuestro Awards.[1][2]

Life an career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Early life an career beginnins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tañón (birth name: Olga Teresa Tañón Ortíz [note 1]) is the youngest of four childer born Tae José Tañón and Carmen Gloria Ortíz in Santurce, Puerto Rico. She was raised in Levittown, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, where she received her primary and secondary education.

Tañón's singin career began when she joined a group cried "Las Nenas de Ringo y Jossie" (Ringo and Jossie's Girls) in the 1980s. A short time later a very popular group in Puerto Rico cried "Chantelle" noticed her mezzo soprano vyce an recruited her. Thay saw in her what thay needed for their merengue style of muisic. When Tañón wis a member of Chantelle, they scored thair biggest hit, "Aunque Tú no Quieras" (Even If You Don't Want It). The song is popular in Latin America.[3]

1990s[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1992, Tañón signed a contract wi the WEA Latina record label tae record a solo album. Her first recordit album wis titled, "Sola" (Alane). Amang the sangs in the album war, "Me Cambio por Ella" (A chynge places wi her), an "Quiero estar contigo" (A Want Tae Be Wi You). In 1993, she recordit her seicont album for WEA Latina, "Mujer de Fuego" (Wumman o Fire). Tañón debuted as a componer wi the sang, "Presencié tu Amor" (A Witnessed Your Luve) an aw.[3] The same year, Tañón receivit three Lo Nuestro Awards nominations in the Tropical/Salsa field: Album o the Year (Sola), Female Artist an New Artist.[4]

In 1994, Tañón earned her first dooble platinum record an in 1995, she earned three mair platinum records wi her album, "Siente el Amor" (Feel the Luve). This album includit anither o her compositions an aw, "Unicornio" (Unicorn), which wis written tae the rhythm o Salsa an includit the Unforgettable Merengue sang, "Es Mentiroso" (He's a Liar) an aw. Tañón haed gained fame an recognition throuoot Laitin Americae.

Tañón recordit a Tex-Mex CD wi Mexican sangster Marco Antonio Solís cried "Nuevos Senderos". She wis nou bein heard internaitionally, an wi that recordin she became the first Puerto Rican muisicker tae be certifee'd bi the RIAA tae sell ower hauf a million records. The album lead single, the ballad, "Basta Ya!" toppit the U.S. Billboard Top Latin Tracks for several weeks, an became Tañón's first #1.[3] For the album Tañón earned three Lo Nuestro Awards nominations for Pop Album o the Year, Pop Sang o the Year an Pop Singer o the Year.[5]

In 1997, Tañón debuted as a actress in the Puerto Rican version o the popular production o "Jesus Christ Superstar", producit bi Rafo Muñiz. She played the pairt o Mary Magdalene. This version haed a tropical feel tae it an includit some o Tañón's sangs. In 1998, Tañón marriet Juan González a Puerto Rican major league basebaw starn. In 1999, the marriage endit in divorce. The couple haed a dochter, Gabriella Marie.[3]

2000s[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2000, Tañón, who wis nou kent as the "Wumman o Fire" or "Mujer de Fuego" bi her fans, recordit her first concert, titled, "Olga Viva...Viva Olga" in the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida. This production wis namit bi the Naitional Foundation of Popular Cultur as ane the tap 20 productions o the year. The record went platinum an Tañón earned her first Grammy Award. On August 2000, Tañón sauld oot 12 shows in the Antonio Paoli Hall at the Luis A. Ferre Center o the Fine Airts in San Juan. Later that same month, she debuted in the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas. Her performances receivit rave reviews in the Fort Worth Star Telegram an the Dallas Morning News. At the end o 2000, Tañón presentit her muisical spectacular at the Anayansi Theater in Panama, an toured the sootheastren Unitit States wi Mexican sangster Alejandro Fernández.[3]

In 2001, Tañón recordit a CD titled, "Yo por Ti" (Me for You), which wan baith American an Latin Grammys. The first single, Como Olvidar, toppit the U.S. Billboard Tap Latin Tracks. The CD became a best-seller in Puerto Rico, Laitin Americae, an amang the Hispanic population in the Unitit States. In 2002, Tañón toured mony kintras, includin Venezuela, Panama an the Unitit States. That year she became the first merengue airtist tae successfully score a chairt topper in the Middle East when her pairtnership wi Egyptian muisic sangster Hakim yieldit the heichly successfu Arabie hit, Ah Ya Albi. In 2003, Tañón toured Europe an made a tot o ten recordins for WEA Latina. In 2003 she released Sobrevivir an wan her fowert Grammy. She marriet Billy Denizard, wi whom she haed twa sons, Indiana Noa an Ian Nahir.[3]

As pairt o a internaitional tour cried "Evolution Tour 2008", Tañón traveled tae Italy whaur she made a presentation at the Festival Latinoamericano on 5 Julie 2008.[6] In 2005, Tañón released her hit album, "Una Nueva Mujer", which wan Best Contemporary Tropical Album at the 2006 Latin Grammys.

In support o Latin American immigrants in the U.S., in 2006 Tañón recordit, "Nuestro Himno" in collaboration wi Pitbull, Carlos Ponce, an Wyclef Jean. On 2 Mey 2010, Tañón first performit in Iquitos a concert whaur she presentit her classic sangs. The concert wis pairt o her tour, which stairtit in Peru.[7][8]

On 22 Februar 2007, Tañón wan three awairds at the 19t edition o Premio Lo Nuestro.[9] Durin the 2006 show, she wan in the categories: "Album of the Year", "Female Artist" an "Song of the Year". She haulds the record as the airtist who haes wan the maist "Premio Lo Nuestro Awards", wi a tot o 28.

On Juin 2009, Tañón released a new hit single cried "Amor Entre Tres" which is the theme sang for the new soap opera in Venezuela cried "La Vida Entera." That same month, WEA Latina will be releasin "25 Exitos de Fuego Vol. 1 & Vol. 2." Each CD haes a set o greatest hits throu her entire career o merengue an Latin pop. In September 2009 she pairticipatit, next tae Juanes an ither internaitionally acclaimit airtists, in "Concierto por la Paz" at Plaza de la Revolucion in La Habana, Cuba.[3]

Social activism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter her pairticipation in the Concert for Peace in Havana, in 2013, Tañón, a resident an voter o the state o Florida, increased her social activism profile bi annooncin on Univision TV netwirk that she wad pairticipate in the Apryle 10 mairch in Washington, D.C. supportin immigration reform an a path tae citizenship an the right tae vote, as well as annooncin her support for the admission of her native Puerto Rico as the 51st state o the naition.[10]

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]