Oldsmobile 88

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1996–1999 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight

The Oldsmobile 88 (a.k.a. Eighty-Eight) wis a full-size caur sauld bi the Oldsmobile division o General Motors an produced frae 1949 till 1999. Frae 1950 tae 1974 the 88 wis the division's top-sellin line, particularly the entry-level models such as the 88 an Dynamic 88. The 88 series wis an' a' an image leader for Oldsmobile, particularly in the early years (1949–51) when it wis ane o the best performin automobiles thanks tae its relatively sma size, licht weight an advanced owerheid-valve hie-compression V8 ingine oreeginally designed for the lairger an mair luxurious 98 series but dropped intae the smawer sax-cylinder Oldsmobile 76 body, creatin wha wis considered the predecessor o muscle caurs o the 1960s.

A lairge number o variations in nomenclature wur seen ower this lang model run—Delmont, Delta, Dynamic, Jetstar, Starfire, Super, Holiday, L/S, LSS, Celebrity, an Royale wur uised at various times wi the 88 badge, an Fiesta appeared on some station wagons in the 1950s an 1960s. The name wis mair commonly shown as numbers in the earlier years ("Delta 88", for example) an wis chynged tae spell-oot "Eighty Eight" startin in 1989.

The Oldsmobile Eighty Eight wis produced in Wentzville, Missouri; Flint, Michigan; an Lake Orion, Michigan.