Ohio River

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Ohio River
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The widest pynt on the Ohio River is juist wast Downtown Louisville, whaur it is ane mile (1.6 km) wide
Kintra Unitit States
States Pennsylvanie, Ohio, Wast Virginie, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois
 - left Saw Mill Run, Chartiers Creek, Raccoon Creek, Kanawha River, Big Sandy River, Licking River, Kentucky River, Green River, Cumberland River, Tennessee River
 - right Beaver River, Muskingum River, Scioto River, Great Miami River, Wabash River
Ceeties Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie, Wheeling, Wast Virginie, Huntington, Wast Virginie, Ashland, Kentucky, Portsmouth, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Madison, Indiana, Milton, Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky, Jeffersonville, Indiana, New Albany, Indiana, Owensboro, Kentucky, Evansville, Indiana, Henderson, Kentucky, Paducah, Kentucky, Cairo, Illinois
Soorce Allegheny River
 - location Allegany Tounship, Potter Coonty, Pennsylvanie
 - elevation 2,240 ft (683 m)
 - coordinates 41°52′22″N 77°52′30″W / 41.87278°N 77.87500°W / 41.87278; -77.87500
Seicontar soorce Monongahela River
 - location Fairmont, Wast Virginie
 - elevation 880 ft (268 m)
 - coordinates 39°27′53″N 80°09′13″W / 39.46472°N 80.15361°W / 39.46472; -80.15361
Soorce confluence
 - location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie
 - elevation 730 ft (223 m)
 - coordinates 40°26′32″N 80°00′52″W / 40.44222°N 80.01444°W / 40.44222; -80.01444
Mooth Mississippi River
 - location Cairo, Illinois / Ballard Coonty, Kentucky
 - elevation 290 ft (88 m)
 - coordinates 36°59′12″N 89°07′50″W / 36.98667°N 89.13056°W / 36.98667; -89.13056Coordinates: 36°59′12″N 89°07′50″W / 36.98667°N 89.13056°W / 36.98667; -89.13056
Lenth 981 mi (1,579 km)
Basin 189,422 sq mi (490,601 km2)
Discharge for Cairo, Illinois
 - average 281,000 cu ft/s (7,957 m3/s) (1951–80)[1]
 - max 1,850,000 cu ft/s (52,386 m3/s)
Ohio River basin

The Ohio River, which streams wastwaird frae Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie, tae Cairo, Illinois, is the lairgest tributary, bi volume, o the Mississippi River in the Unitit States. At the confluence, the Ohio is conseederably bigger than the Mississippi (Ohio at Cairo: 281,500 cu ft/s (7,960 m3/s);[2] Mississippi at Thebes: 208,200 cu ft/s (5,897 m3/s)[3]) an, thus, is hydrologically the main stream o the whole river seestem, includin the Allegheny River further upstream.

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