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Ogün Sanlısoy (born 12 Mairch 1971) is a Turkis rock muisicker an a pioneer amang Turkis hivy metal vocalists.

Ogün Sanlısoy 2012

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wis born in Gölcük, Kocaeli, Turkey in 1971. He graduatit frae Mimar Sinan University as an industrial product designer. His debut concert wis a acoustic concert in whilk he performit wi acoustic instruments wi his frend Kubilay Özvardar.

He jyned Mezarkabul (in Turkey, widely kent as Pentagram) in 1992 an contributit tae the album Trail Blazer. Efter servin the baund for three years, he wis declared the best rock vocalist bi twa Turkis rock magazines.

In 1995, he left the baund tae pursue his solo career but jyned the baund Klips, that haed a safter tune nor Mezarkabul. He contributit tae ane o Özlem Tekin's albums, Kime Ne.

In 2006, he wirkit wi his umwhile baund mates Tarkan Gözübüyük an Metin Türkcan on his new album, Üç.

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