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Office of Communications
Ofcom logo.png
Abbreviation Ofcom
Formation 29 December 2003
Teep Statutory corporation
Legal status Created by Office of Communications Act 2002[1]
Purpose Regulator an competeetion authority for broadcastin, postal services, telecommunications an radiocommunications spectrum
Heidquarters Lunnon, Ingland
Region served
United Kingdom
Offeecial leid
Inglis, Welsh
Chief Executive
Sharon White
Dame Patricia Hodgson DBE
Wabsteid www.ofcom.org.uk

The Office of Communications, commonly kent as Ofcom, is the govrenment-appruived regulatory an competeetion authority for the broadcastin, telecommunications an postal industries o the Unitit Kinrick.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 51°30′28″N 0°05′43″W / 51.5079°N 0.0953°W / 51.5079; -0.0953