Octavio Paz

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Nobel prize medal.svg Octavio Paz
Octavio Paz - 1988 Malmö.jpg
Born Octavio Paz Lozano
31 Mairch 1914(1914-03-31)
Mexico Ceety, Mexico
Dee'd 19 Apryle 1998(1998-04-19) (aged 84)
Mexico Ceety, Mexico
Thrift Writer, poet, diplomat
Naitionality Mexican
Period 1931–1965
Leeterar muivement Surrealism, exeestentialism
Notable awairds Miguel de Cervantes Prize
Nobel Prize in Leeteratur

Octavio Paz Lozano (Spaingie pronunciation: [okˈtaβjo pas loˈsano] Aboot this soondaudio ; 31 Mairch 1914 – 19 Apryle 1998) wis a Mexican poet an diplomat. He is conseedert bi mony as ane o the maist influential writers o the 20t century an ane o the greatest poets o aw time.