O'Hare Internaitional Airport

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Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Airport teep Public
Awner City of Chicago
Operator Chicago Department of Aviation
Serves Chicago, Illinois, Unitit States
Hub for
Focus ceety for Spirit Airlines
Elevation AMSL 668 ft / 204 m
Coordinates 41°58′43″N 87°54′17″W / 41.97861°N 87.90472°W / 41.97861; -87.90472Coordinates: 41°58′43″N 87°54′17″W / 41.97861°N 87.90472°W / 41.97861; -87.90472
Wabsteid www.flychicago.com/ohare
ORD is locatit in Chicago
Location of airport in Chicago
Direction Lenth Surface
ft m
4L/22R 7,500 2,286 Asphalt
4R/22L 8,075 2,461 Asphalt
9L/27R 7,500 2,286 Concrete
9R/27L 7,967 2,428 Asphalt/Concrete
10C/28C 10,800 3,291 Concrete
10L/28R 13,001 3,962 Asphalt/Concrete
14L/32R 10,005 3,050 Asphalt
14R/32L 9,685 2,952 Asphalt/Concrete
Nummer Lenth Surface
ft m
H1 200 61 Concrete
Statistics (2016)
Passenger vollum 77,960,588
Aircraft muivements 867,635
Cargae (metric tonnes) 1,726,361.6
Economic impact (2012) $14.1 billion[1]
Sources: FAA[2] and airport's website.[3]
Statistics from ACI[4]

Chicago O'Hare Internaitional Airport (IATA: ORDICAO: KORDFAA LID: ORD), kent as O'Hare Airport, O'Hare Field, Chicago International Airport, or simply O'Hare an aw, is a major airport locatit in the northwastren-maist corner o Chicago, Illinois, 17 miles (27 km) northwast o the Chicago Loop. It is the primar airport servin the Chicago aurie, wi Chicago Midway Internaitional Airport, aboot 10 miles (16 km) closer tae the Loop, servin as a seicontary airport for law-cost carriers.

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