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Nyon in late-August 2007
Nyon in late-August 2007
Coat o airms o Nyon
Coat o airms
Location o Nyon
Nyon is locatit in Swisserland
Nyon is locatit in Canton o Vaud
Coordinates: 46°23′N 6°14′E / 46.383°N 6.233°E / 46.383; 6.233Coordinates: 46°23′N 6°14′E / 46.383°N 6.233°E / 46.383; 6.233
Kintra Swisserland
Canton Vaud
Destrict Nyon
 • Executive Municipalité
with 7 members
 • Mayor Syndic (list)
Daniel Rossellat
(as of February 2014)
 • Pairlament Conseil communal
with 100 members
 • Total 6.79 km2 (2.62 sq mi)
Elevation 400.9 m (1,315.3 ft)
Population (2018-12-31)[2]
 • Tot 21,192
 • Density 3,100/km2 (8,100/sq mi)
Postal code 1260
SFOS nummer 5724
Surroondit bi Crans-près-Céligny, Duillier, Eysins, Grens, Messery (FR-74), Prangins, Signy-Avenex, Trélex
Twin touns Nyons (Fraunce)
Wabsteid www.nyon.ch
Profile (in French), SFSO statistics

Nyon is a municipality in the destrict o Nyon in the canton o Vaud in Swisserland. It is locatit some 25 kilometers north east o Geneva's ceety centre, an syne the 1970s it haes acome pairt o the Geneva metropolitan aurie. It lees on the shores o Loch Geneva an is the seat o the destrict o Nyon. The toun haes (as o December 2015) a population o 20,088.[3] It is connectit tae the rest o Swisserland bi wey o the Route Suisse, the A1 Motorway an the railweys o the Arc Lémanique.

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