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Nutrient cycle in the oceans

A nutrient is a chemical that an organism needs fur tae live an grow or a substance uised in an organism's metabolism whilk maun be taen in frae its environment.[1] Thay are uised fur tae bigg an replenish tishies, regulate body processes an is convertit tae an uised as smeddum. Gates for nutrient intak vary, wi ainimals an protists pittin fuids ower that is digestit bi an internal digestive seestem, but maist plants ingest nutrients direck frae the syle throu thair ruits or frae the atmosphere.

Organic nutrients includes carbohydrates, fats, proteins (or thair biggin blocks, amino acids), an vitamins. Inorganic chemical compounds lik dietary minerals, watter, an oxygen mey forby be conseidert nutrients.[2] A nutrient is said tae be "essential" gif it maun be obteent frae an external soorce, aither acause the organism cannae synthesize it or produces insufficient quantities. Nutrients needit in verra smaa amoonts is micronutrients an thaim that is needit in lairger quantities is cried macronutrients. The eftercasts o nutrients is dose-dependent an shortcomes is cried deficiencies.[3]

See healthy diet for mair information on the role o nutrients in human nutreetion.

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