Nut (goddess)

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Goddess o the Sky, Stars, the Sun, the Muin, Licht, Heiven, Astronomy, the Universe, Air, an the Winds
The goddess Nut, wearin the watter-pot sign (nw) that identifies her.
Name in hieroglyphs
W24 t
Symbol the Sky, Starns, Cous
Consort Geb
Parents Shu an Tefnut
Siblings Geb
Offspring Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys, an sometimes Horus

Nut (/nʌt/ or /nt/)[1] or Neuth (/nθ/ or /njθ/; an aa spelled Nuit or Newet) is the goddess o the sky in the Ennead o auncient Egyptian releegion.

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