Nuclear reaction

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In this seembolic representin o a nuclear reaction, lithium-6 (6
) an deuterium (2
) react tae form the heichly excitit intermediate nucleus 8
which then decays immediately intae twa alpha particles o helium-4 (4
). Protons are seembolically representit bi reid spheres, an neutrons bi blue spheres.

In nuclear pheesics an nuclear chemistry, a nuclear reaction is semantically conseedert tae be the process in which twa nuclei, or ense a nucleus o an atom an a subatomic pairticle (such as a proton, neutron, or heich energy electron) frae ootside the atom, collide tae produce ane or mair nuclides that are different frae the nuclide(s) that began the process. Thus, a nuclear reaction must cause a transformation o at least ane nuclide tae anither. If a nucleus interacts wi anither nucleus or pairticle an thay then separate withoot chyngin the naitur o ony nuclide, the process is simply referred tae as a teep o nuclear scatterin, rather nor a nuclear reaction.