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Novichok (Roushie: Новичо́к, "newcomer"/ "newbie") is a series o nerve augents developpit bi the Soviet Union an Roushie atween 1971 an 1993.[a] The Roushie scientists that developpit the augents claimt they are the deidliest nerve augents e'er made, wi some variants lik eneuch five tae echt times mair potent nor VX, an ithers up tae ten times mair potent nor Soman.

They war designt as pairt o a Soviet programme codenamed "FOLIANT". Five Novichok variants is believed tae hae been adaptit fur militar uiss. The maist versatile is A-232 (Novichok-5). Novichok augents haes neir been uised on the battlefield. Theresa May, than Unitit Kinrick Prime Minister, an mony state heid fowk, said that a siclike augent wis uised in the pushionin o Sergei an Yulia Skripal in Ingland in Mairch 2018. Roushie denees producin or resairchin augents "unner the title novichok".

In 2016, Iranian chemists synthesised five Novichok augents fur analysis an produced detailt mass spectral data that wis addit tae the Organisation for the Prohibition o Chemical Weapons Central Analytical Database. Afore, there haednae been ony detailt descrievins o their spectral properties in appen scientific literature.[1] A wee amount o augent A-230 wis forby claimt tae hae been synthesised in Czechie in 2017 wi the ettle o obteenin analytical data fur tae help fend again the novel toxic compounds.[2]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Jonathon B. Tucker writes that appruival tae commence resairch intae "fowert generation" chemical wappens wis gien bi the Central Committee o the Communist Party an the Soviet Cooncil o Ministers in Mey 1971. Vil Mirzayanov, the Ruoshian scientist that first warnisht the Wast o the Novichok augents' existence, exponed that Novichok-7 testin wis implement sonsie-like in 1993 — efter the Chemical Weapons Convention signin but afore Roushie ratified the treaty an whan it came intae force.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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