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Novichok (Roushie: Новичо́к, "newcomer"/ "newbie") is a series o nerve augents developed by the Soviet Union an Roushie atween 1971 and 1993.[a] Roushie scientists who developed the agents claim they are the deadliest nerve augents ever made, with some variants possibly five tae echt times more potent than VX, an others up to ten times more potent than Soman.

They were designed as part o a Soviet programme codenamed "FOLIANT". Five Novichok variants are believed tae have been adapted for militar use. The most versatile is A-232 (Novichok-5). Novichok augents have never been used on the battlefield. Theresa May, Prime Minister o the Unitit Kinrick, and many heads o state, said that one such agent was used in the pushionin o Sergei an Yulia Skripal in England in March 2018. Roushie denies producing or researching augents "under the title novichok".

In 2016, Iranian chemists synthesised five Novichok agents for analysis and produced detailed mass spectral data which was added tae the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Central Analytical Database. Previously there had been no detailed descriptions of their spectral properties in open scientific literature.[1] A small amount of agent A-230 was also claimed to have been synthesised in the Czech Republic in 2017 for the purpose of obtaining analytical data to help defend against these novel toxic compounds.[2]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Jonathon B. Tucker writes that approval to commence research into "fourth generation" chemical weapons was given by the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Soviet Council of Ministers in May 1971. Vil Mirzayanov, the Russian scientist who first alerted the West to the existence of the Novichok agents, states that testing of Novichok-7 was successfully completed in 1993—after the signing of the Chemical Weapons Convention but before Russia ratified the treaty and when it came into force.

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