November 2015 Paris attacks

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November 2015 Paris attacks
Pairt o Islamic terrorism crisis
Locations o attacks athin Paris an Saint-Denis
LocationSaint-Denis, Fraunce
1: near Stade de France
Paris, Fraunce
2: Rue Bichat and Rue Alibert (Le Petit Cambodge, Le Carillon)
3: Rue de la Fontaine au Roi (Casa Nostra)
4: Le Bataclan theatre
5: Rue de Charonne (La Belle Équipe)
Date13 November 2015 (2015-11-13) –
14 November 2015 (2015-11-14)
21:16 – 00:58 (CET)
Attack teep
Mass shuitin, bombin, hit-an-run tactics, hostage-takin, suicide attack
DaithsAt least 128 ceevilians[1]
8 attackers[2][3]
Non-fatal injures
300+[2] including 99 critical[4]
PerpetratorsIslamic State o Iraq an the Levant militants[5]
No. o pairteecipants
At least 8[2]
MotiveRetaliation for Fraunce’s bombin in Sirie an Iraq[6]

On the een o 13 November 2015, a series o mass shuitins an suicide bombins occurred in Paris an Saint-Denis, Fraunce. Beginnin at 21:16 CET,[8] three separate flists an sax mass shuitins occurred, includin bombins naur the Stade de France in the northren suburb o Saint-Denis.[8][9] The deidliest attack wis at the Bataclan theatre whaur attackers teuk hostages an scirmished in a staundaff wi polis till it wis endit at 00:58 CET 14 November 2015. Aicht attackers war killt an authorities are rakin for ony pairt-takkers that remain at lairge.[2][3][10] It is reportit that at least 128 fowk war killt, 87 o them at the Bataclan theatre.[1][2][11][12] Mair nor 300 fowk war skaithed bi the attacks,[2] includin 99 fowk descrivit as bein in a serious condeetion.[3]

In response, French Preses François Hollande annoonced a naitional state o emergency, an subsequently placed temporar controls on the borders o Fraunce in a televised statement at 23:58 CET.[1] Hollande declared on 14 November that the attacks war organised frae abraid "bi the Islamic State wi help inby."[13] The attacks war the deidliest tae occur in Fraunce syne Warld War II,[14][15] an led tae the implementation o the first naitionwide state o emergency syne 1961 an the Algerian War.[16] Afore the attack, Fraunce haed been on heich alert syne the Januar 2015 attacks in Paris that killt seiventeen fowk.[17]

On 14 November, the Islamic State o Iraq an the Levant claimed responsibility for the attacks.[18][19] Preses Hollande descrivit them as "a ack o war".[20]

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