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Michel de Nostredame
Nostradamus by Cesar.jpg
Nostradamus: oreeginal portrait bi his son Cesar
Born14 December or 21 December 1503 (Julian calendar)
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Provence, Fraunce
Died2 Julie 1566(1566-07-02) (aged 62)
Salon-de-Provence, Provence, Fraunce
ThriftPheesician, author, translator, astrological consultant
Kent forProphecy, treatin plague
SignaturSignature of Nostradamus.jpg

Michel de Nostredame (dependin on the soorce, 14 or 21 December 1503 – 2 Julie 1566), uisually laitinised as Nostradamus, wis a French pheesician an reputit seer that is best kent for his beuk Les Prophéties, a collection o 942 poetic quatrains[a] allegedly predictin futur events. The beuk wis first published in 1555 an haes rarely been oot o prent syne his daith.

Nostradamus's faimily wis oreeginally Jewish, but haed convertit toa Catholic Christianity afore he wis born. He studied at the Varsity o Avignon, but wis forced tae leave efter juist ower a year whan the varsity closed due tae an ootbrak o the plague. He wirkit as an apothecar for several years afore enterin the Varsity o Montpellier, hopin tae earn a doctorate, but wis awmaist immediately expelled efter his wark as an apothecar (a manual tred forbidden bi varsity statutes) wis diskivert. He first mairied in 1531, but his wife an twa childer dee'd in 1534 in anither plague ootbrak. He focht alangside doctors against the plague afore remarryin tae Anne Ponsarde, wi that he haed sax childer. He wrote an almanac for 1550 an, as a result of its success, continued writing them for futur years as he begoud wirkin as an astrologer for various walthie patrons. Catherine de' Medici becam ane o his foremost supporters. His Les Prophéties, published in 1555, relied hivily on historical an leeterar precedent, an ineetially received mixed reception. He suffered frae severe goot taewart the end o his life, that eventually developed intae oedema. He dee'd on 2 Julie 1566. Mony popular authors hae retold apocryphal leegends aboot his life.

In the years syne the publication o his Les Prophéties, Nostradamus haes attractit mony supporters, that, alang wi muckle the popular press, creedit him wi haein accurately predeectit mony major warld events.[2][3] Maist academic soorces reject the notion that Nostradamus haed ony genuine supernaitural prophetic abeelities an mainteen that the associations made atween warld events an Nostradamus's quatrains are the result o misinterpretations or mistranslations (whiles deliberate).[4] Thir academics argie that Nostradamus's predeections are chairactereestically vague, meanin thay coud be applee'd tae virtually onything, an are uiseless for determinin whither thair author haed ony real prophetic pouers. Thay pynt oot that Inglis translations o his quatrains are awmaist ayeweys o extremely puir quality an aw, based on later manuscripts, produced bi authors wi little knawledge o saxteent-century French, an eften deleeberately mistranslatit tae mak the prophecies fit whitiver events the translator believed thay war supposed tae hae predeectit.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The oreeginal edeetion o Nostradamus's Les Prophéties frae 1555 conteened anerly 353 quatrains. Mair war later addit, amuntin tae 942 in an omnibus edeetion published efter his daith organised intae ten "Centuries", ilk ane conteenin ane hunder quatrains, except for Century VII, that, for unkent reasons, anerly conteens fowerty-twa; the ither fifty-aicht mey hae been lost due tae a problem in publication.[1]

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