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Nae tae be confused wi North Americae.
Northren Americae
Northern America (orthographic projection).svg
Aurie 21,780,142 km2 (8,409,360 sq mi)
Population (2015) 357,838,000
GDP $18.6 trillion
(PPP, 2013 est.)[1]
Major languages Inglis, French, Spaingie, Dens, Greenlandic, an various recognisit regional leids
Timezone UTC (Danmarkshavn, Greenland) to
UTC -10:00 (wast Aleutians)
Lairgest urban agglomerations

Northren Americae is the northmaist subcontinent o North Americae. It lees directly north o the region o Middle Americae,[1] consistin o Mexico, the Caribbean, an Central Americae. The laund border atween the twa regions coincides wi the border atween the Unitit States an Mexico. Geopolitically, accordin tae the scheme o geographic regions an subregions, Northren Americae consists o[2][3] Bermuda, Canadae, Greenland, Saunt-Pierre an Miquelon, an the Unitit States.

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