North German Confederation

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North German Confederation
Norddeutscher Bund
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The North German Confederation within Europe circa 1870
The North German Confederation (reid). The soothren German states that jyned in 1870 tae form the German Empire are in orange. Alsace-Lorraine, the territory annexed follaein the Franco-Proushie War of 1871, is in tan. The reid territory in the Sooth merks the oreeginal princedom o the Hoose o Hohenzollern, rulers o the Kinrick o Proushie.
Caipital Berlin
Leids German, Dens, Law German, Czech, Lithuanie, Pols, Sorbian
Releegion Majority:
Protestant (Lutheran an Reformed)
Poleetical structure Federation
 -  1867–1871 William I
 -  1867–1871 Otto von Bismarck
Legislatur Reichstag
 -  Federal Cooncil Bundesrat
Historical era New Imperialism
 -  Confederation Treaty 18 August 1866
 -  Constitution adoptit 16 Aprile 1867
 -  Franco-Proushie War 19 Julie 1870
 -  Unification o Germany 18 Januar 1871
Siller Vereinsthaler
The day pairt o  Germany
 Czech Republic

The North German Confederation (German: Norddeutscher Bund[1]) wis a confederation o 22 previously independent states o northren Germany, wi nearly 30 million indwallers.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. An alternative translation is "North German Federation."

Coordinates: 52°31′N 13°24′E / 52.517°N 13.400°E / 52.517; 13.400