NorthLink Ferries

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NorthLink Ferries
Foondit2002 (NorthLink Orkney an Shetland Ferries)
2006 (NorthLink Ferries)
2012 (Serco NorthLink Ferries)
HeidquartersStromness, Orkney, Scotland. Offices in Aiberdeen & Lerwick
Aurie served
Pentland Firth, Orkney an Shetland
Key fowk
Stuart Garrett (Managin Director)
ParentSerco Group

NorthLink Ferries (an aa referred tae as Serco NorthLink Ferries[1]) is an operator o passenger an vehicle ferries, as well as ferry services, atween mainland Scotland an the Northren Isles o Orkney an Shetland. Syne Julie 2012, it haes been operatit bi internaitional services company Serco Group.

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