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Norrland o the day, in darker green. Amang mony lochs, the laiirge loch seestems veesible on the cairt are, frae north tae sooth, Akkajaure-Stora Lulevatten, Hornavan-Uddjaure-Storavan, an Storsjön.

Norrland (Aboot this soondlisten ) (Northland) is ane o the three launds o Swaden (landsdelar), the northren pairt, conseestin o nine provinces. The term Norrland isna uised for ony admeenistrative purpose, but it is common in everyday leid, e.g., wather forecasts.

Coordinates: 63°11′00″N 14°40′00″E / 63.1833°N 14.6667°E / 63.1833; 14.6667