Norinco CQ

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Norinco CQ 5.56
NORINCO Type CQ 5'56x45mm assault rifle.jpg
The NORINCO Type CQ 5.56×45mm NATO assault rifle, right side
TeepAssault Rifle
Place o oreeginCheenae
Service history
Uised biSee Uisers
WarsSoviet–Afghan War [1][2]
Syrian civil war
Production history
VariantsCQ M311 (Select-fire assault rifle);
CQ M311-1 (Semi-automatic sporter rifle);[1]
CQ 5.56mm Type A (Select-fire carbine);
DIO S-5.56 (License-manufactured Iranian model);
MIC "Terab" (Clone manufactured in Sudan, license status unknown at this time);
S.A.M. "Armada" and "Trailblazer" (Clones manufactured in the Philippines).
Wecht2.9 kg (Empty)
Lenth987 mm
Baurel lenth504 mm

Cartridge5.56×45mm NATO (only non-NATO standard 55-grain M193 "Ball" cartridge), .223 Remington (Semi-automatic sporter model)
ActionGas operated, rotating bolt
Rate o fire900 RPM (Select-fire version only)
Muzzle velocity990 m/s
Maximum firin range460 m
Feed seestem20/30-round detachable box magazine (STANAG 4179)
SichtsIron sights

The Teep CQ is an unlicensed Cheenese variant o the Colt Canadae C7 an M16 rifle manufactured bi Norinco.[3] Accordin tae the Norinco wabsteid, the rifle is offeecially kent as CQ 5.56.[citation needit]

It can be distinguished frae ither AR-15 an M-16 pattern rifles bi its lang, revolver-lik pistol grip, somewhat roondit handguards, an the unique shape o its stock.

Uisers[eedit | eedit soorce]

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