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Pastoral nomads campin near Namtso in 2005. In Tibet, nomads constitute aboot 40% o ethnic Tibetan population.[1]

A nomad (Greek: νομάς, nomas, plural νομάδες, nomades; meanin ane roamin aboot for pastur, pastoral tribe), is a member o a community o fowk who muive frae ane place tae anither, aither wi thair fermstockin (pastoral nomads) or subsistin on huntin an gatherin. Nomadism is a lifestyle adaptit tae infertile regions sic as steppe, tundra, or ice an sand, whaur mobility is the maist efficient strategy for exploitin scarce resoorces. As o 1995, thare wur an estimatit 30–40 million nomads in the warld.[2]

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