Nokia Bell Labs

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Nokia Bell Labs
Private (Subsidiary o Nokia)
IndustrieInformation technology
Foondit1925; 95 years ago (1925)
HeidquartersMurray Hill, New Jersey,
Unitit States
Key fowk
Marcus Weldon
ParentAT&T (1925–1996)
Western Electric (1925–1983)
Lucent (1996–2006)
Alcatel-Lucent (2006–2016)
Nokia (2016–present)

Nokia Bell Labs (umwhile named AT&T Bell Laboratories, Bell Telephone Laboratories an Bell Labs) is an American research an scienteefic development company, ained bi Finnish company Nokia.

Coordinates: 40°41′00″N 74°24′03″W / 40.683404°N 74.400744°W / 40.683404; -74.400744