No Doubt

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No Doubt
NO DOUBT 327b Brian McCauley.jpg
No Doubt in 2009
Background information
Oreigin Anaheim, Californie, Unitit States
Genres Ska punk, reggae fusion,[1] punk rock, pop punk, new wave, alternative rock, reggae rock, pop rock, ska
Years active 1986–present
Hiatus: 2004-08, 2013-14
Labels Trauma, Interscope
Associate acts Invincible Overlord, Bow Wow Wow, Starpool, 311, P!nk
Members Gwen Stefani
Tony Kanal
Tom Dumont
Adrian Young
Tourin members:
Stephen Bradley
Gabrial McNair
Past members Umwhile members

No Doubt is an American rock baund frae Anaheim, Californie, that formed in 1986. Syne 1989, the group haes consistit o vocalist Gwen Stefani, guitarist an keybuirdist Tom Dumont, bassist an keybuirdist Tony Kanal, an drummer Adrian Young.

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