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Nitmug seeds shawin "veins"

Nitmug (an aa kent as pala in Indonesie) is ane o the twa spices – the ither being mace – derived frae several species o tree in the genus Myristica.[1] The maist important commercial species is Myristica fragrans, an evergreen tree indigenous tae the Banda Islands in the Moluccas (or Spice Islands) o Indonesie.

Nitmug is the seed o the tree, rouchly egg-shaped an aboot 20 tae 30 mm (0.8 tae 1.2 in) lang an 15 tae 18 mm (0.6 tae 0.7 in) wide, an wechin atween 5 an 10 g (0.2 an 0.4 oz) dried, while mace is the dried "lacy" reiddish coverin or aril o the seed. The first hairst o nitmug trees taks place 7–9 years efter plantin, an the trees reach full production efter twenty years. Nitmug is uisually uised in poudered form. This is the anerly tropical fruit that is the soorce o twa different spices, obteened frae different pairts o the plant. Several ither commercial products are an aa produced frae the trees, includin essential iles, extractit oleoresins, an nitmug butter.

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