Nissan Skyline

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Nissan Skyline
Bouk an chassis
ClessCompact (1957–1989)
Sport compact/Midsize (1989–2002)
Compact executive caur (2003–present)
Mini SUV (2009–present, Crossover)
PredecessorPrince Sedan (1952-1957)

The Nissan Skyline (スカイライン in Japanese) is a line o compact caurs, sports caurs an compact executive caurs oreeginally producit bi the Prince Motor Company stairtin in 1955, an then bi Nissan efter the twa companies mergit in 1966. Efter the merger, the Skyline an its lairger coonterpairt, the Nissan Gloria, wur sauld in Japan at dealership sales channels cried Nissan Prince Shop.

The Skyline wis lairgely designed an ingineered bi Shinichiro Sakurai frae inception, an he remained a chief influence o the caur till his daith in 2011.

Iterations R30 tae R34 o the Skyline are still popular tuner caurs for Japanese caur enthusiasts frae the 1980s tae the day, especially wi available featurs such as straicht-sax ingines, turbochairgers, an the heich-performance GT-R trim.[1] It is currently available in either coupé, or sedan bouk styles, an are maist commonly kent bi their trademark roond brake an tail lichts (as o 1972); the station wagon bodystyle wis droppit in 1989 wi the introduction o the R32 platform. While no distributit in the Unitit States till its importation as the Infiniti G, the Skyline's prominence in video gemmes, movies an magazines resultit in mony such caurs bein importit thare frae 1999 tae late 2005, efter Motorex petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tae allou 1990–1999 GT-Rs an GTSs tae be importit, at the condeetion that they wur modifee'd tae meet United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.[2][2][3][4]

The 11th-generation Skyline (V35) wis anither major turnin point for the nameplate, as it droppit some o the Skyline's trademark characteristics such as the straicht-6 ingine an turbochairgin, eventually separatit the GT-R into its awn line, an muivit tae V6-ingined era, this decision which extendit tae aw later Skylines. Nissan decidit tae retain the Skyline for the luxury-sport mercat, while its platform-mate, the 350Z, revivit the Z line o pure sports caurs.[5] The V35 was the first Skyline made for export tae North Americae, bein sauld unner Nissan's luxury marque Infiniti as the G35. The Skyline (V36/J50) is sauld in Europe, North Americae, Sooth Korea, Taiwan, an the Middle East as the Infiniti G37.

The Guinness World Record for the lairgest parade o Nissan cairs was set on 11 Apryle 2010 at Silverstone Circuit, Unitit Kinrick, when 225 Nissan Skylines were driven around the racetrack at the International Styling and Tuning Show event.[6]

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