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Ruins from a temple in Naffur.jpg
Ruins o a temple platform in Nippur—the brick structur on tap wis constructit bi American airchaeologists aroond 1900.
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LocationNuffar, Afak Destrict, Al-Qādisiyyah Govrenorate, Iraq
Coordinates32°07′35.2″N 45°14′0.17″E / 32.126444°N 45.2333806°E / 32.126444; 45.2333806Coordinates: 32°07′35.2″N 45°14′0.17″E / 32.126444°N 45.2333806°E / 32.126444; 45.2333806

Nippur (Sumerian: Nibru, eften logografically recordit as 𒂗𒆤𒆠, EN.LÍLKI, "Enlil City;"[1] Akkadian: Nibbur) wis amang the maist auncient o Sumerian ceeties.

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