Nike, Inc.

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Nike, Inc.
Treddit as
Industrie Apparel, accessories
Foondit Januar 25, 1964; 54 years ago (1964-01-25)
(as Blue Ribbon Sports)[1]
1971 (as Nike, Inc.)
Foonder Bill Bowerman
Phil Knight
Heidquarters Washington Coonty, Oregon, Unitit States
(Near Beaverton, Oregon)
Aurie served
Key fowk
Phil Knight
(Chairman Emeritus)
Mark Parker
(Chairman, Preses & CEO)
Products Athletic fitweir an apparel, sport equipments an ither athletic an recreautional products
Revenue Increase US$30.601 billion (2015)[2]
Increase US$4.175 billion (2015)[2]
Increase US$3.273 billion (2015)[2]
Tot assets Increase US$21.600 billion (2015)[2]
Tot equity Increase US$12.707 billion (2015)[2]
Nummer o employees
62,600 (2015)[2]

Nike, Inc. is an American multinaitional corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturin, an warldwide mercatin an sales o fitweir, apparel, equipment, accessories, an services.

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