Night in the Woods

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Night in the Woods
Night in the Woods.jpg
Deegital storefront artwork, featurin the gemme's iconografie an cast o chairacters
Publisher(s) Finji
  • Alec Holowka
  • Jon Manning
  • Paris Buttfield-Addison
  • Scott Benson
  • Charles Huettner
  • Bethany Hockenberry
  • Scott Benson
  • Alec Holowka
  • Scott Benson
Ingine Unity
Genre(s) Adventur
Mode(s) Single-player

Night in the Woods is a single-player adventur video gemme for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, an PlayStation 4. It is developed bi Infinite Fall, a studio foondit bi gemme designer Alec Holowka, an animator/illustrator Scott Benson. It is a sploration gemme focused primarily on story in which players control a cat named Mae, wha recently dropped oot o college an haes returned tae her hametoun tae find unexpectit chynge. It wis funded via croudfundin platform Kickstarter, whaur it eventually earned ower 400% o its US$50,000 fundin goal.[1]

In December 2013, Holowka an Benson, alang wi co-writer Bethany Hockenberry, released a companion gemme teetled Longest Night.[2] In December 2014, a seicont supplemental gemme wis released, titled Lost Constellation.[3]

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