Nicole, Duchess o Lorraine

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Nicole o Lorraine
Duchess o Lorraine
Duchess consort o Lorraine
Nicole de Lorraine, Duchess of Lorraine by Moncornet.jpg
Duchess consort o Lorraine
Ring1 December 1625 19 Januar 1634
Duchess o Lorraine suo jure
Reing31 Julie 1624 - 1625
Born3 October 1608(1608-10-03)
Nancy, Lorraine
Dee'd2 Februar 1657(1657-02-02) (aged 48)
Paris, Fraunce
SpouseCharles IV, Duke o Lorraine
Full name
Nicole de Lorraine
HooseHoose o Lorraine
FaitherHenri II o Lorraine
MitherMargerita Gonzaga

Nicole o Lorraine (3 October 1608 – 2 Februar 1657) wis Duchess o Lorraine an Bar frae 1 August 1624 tae 21 November 1625, an then Duchess consort frae 1625–1634. She wis born in Nancy, the dochter o Henri II o Lorraine, an Margerita Gonzaga. Through her mither she wis a first cousin o Empress Eleonora Gonzaga. She wis also a sister o Claude Françoise o Lorraine (wife o Duke Nicolas François o Lorraine)

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 23 May 1621, she mairit Charles IV o Lorraine. They haed nae issue.