Nicolas de Neufville, Duke o Villeroy

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Nicolas de Neufville
Duke o Villeroy
Print of Nicolas de Neufville, Marquis de Villeroy, 1er duc de Villeroy (Musée de la Révolution française).jpg
Print o the Duke o Villeroy.
Full name
Nicolas de Neufville
Born 14 October 1598
Dee'd 28 November 1685 (aged 87)
Hotel de Villeroy, Paris, Fraunce
Spoose(s) Jeanne Angélique Roque de Varengeville
Charles, Marquis o Alincourt
François, Duke o Villeroy
Françoise, Marquise o Hauterive
Catherine, Coontess o Armagnac
Faither Charles de Neufville
Mither Jacqueline de Harlay
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
Blason fam FRA Neufville de Villeroy.svg

Nicolas de Neufville, Duke o Villeroy (14 October 1598 – 28 November 1685) wis a French nobleman who wis the wis Marquis then (frae 1651) 1st duke o Villeroy an (frae1663) peer o Fraunce, marquis o Alincourt an Lord o Magny. He wis an aa the governor o the young Keeng Louis XIV. His son François succeeded him as duke. He wis an aa creautit a Marshal o Fraunce in the reign o Louis XIV. He an aa biggit the Hotel de Villeroy in Paris. He wis a ane-tine lover o the future Princess o Monaco.

Mairiage an childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nicolas mairit Madeleine de Blanchefort on 11 Julie 1617 an nthey haed childer;

Thay haed fower childer:

  1. Charles de Neufville (died 1645), Marquis o Alincourt;
  2. François de Neufville (1644–1730) Duke o Villeroy;
  3. Françoise de Neufville (died 1701) mairit (1) Juist, Coont o Tournon (†1644) (2, 1646) Henri, Duke o Chaulnes (†1653), then (3) Jean Vignier, Marquis o Hauterive;
  4. Catherine de Neufville (1639–1707), in 1660 mairit Louis o Lorraine, Coont o Armagnac.

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