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News Corp UK & Ireland Limited
News UK
Private limited company
IndustrieMass media
FoonditFebruar 1981; 38 years ago (1981-02)
HeidquartersLunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Key fowk
Rupert Murdoch
James Murdoch
Rebekah Brooks (CEO)
ProductsNewspapers an Wabsteids
AwnerNews Corp

News Corp UK & Ireland Limited (tradin as News UK, umwhile News International an NI Group), is a Breetish-based American-ained newspaper publisher, an a wholly ained subsidiary o the American mass media conglomerate News Corp. It is the current publisher o The Times, The Sunday Times an The Sun newspapers an its umwhile publications include the Today, News of the World an The London Paper newspapers. Till Juin 2002, it wis cried News International plc.[1] On 31 Mey 2011 the company name wis chynged fra News International Limited tae NI Group Limited,[2] an on 26 Juin 2013 tae News UK.[3]

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