Newell's Old Boys

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Newell's Old Boys
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Full nameClub Atlético Newell's Old Boys
Nickname(s)La Lepra an Pechofrios ("The Liprosy")
Foondit3 November 1903; 119 years ago (1903-11-03)
GroundEstadio Marcelo Bielsa,
Rosario, Argentinae
Ground Capacity38,000[1]
ChairmanGuillermo Lorente
ManagerGustavo Raggio
LeaguePrimera División
2014 Final12th
WabsteidClub wabsteid

Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys is an Argentine sports club based in Rosario, Santa Fe. The club wis foondit on 3 November 1903, an is namit efter Isaac Newell, ane o the pioneers o Argentine fitbaw. Newell's is best kent for its fitbaw team, that plays in the Argentine Primera División, the tap diveesion o the Argentine league seestem.

Oreeginally a member o Rosario's Fitbaa Association, Newell's affiliatit tae the Argentine Fitbaa Association (AFA) in 1939. Thay hae wan AFA's Primera División sax times throuoot thair history. Newell's haes been twice Copa Libertadores runner-up (in 1988 an 1992) an aw.

The club's fitball stadium is the Estadio Marcelo Bielsa, namit efter the team's umwhile player an manager Marcelo Bielsa (twice champion, an runner-up o ane Copa Libertadores). Newell's plays the Rosario derby against Rosario Central, a club wi which thay hae a huge historical rivalry.

Newell's is notable for its youth diveesions an aw, bein the club wi maist naitional titles in AFA's youth tournaments.[2] Ither sports practisit at the club are basketbaw, boxin, field hockey, mairtial airts, roller skeitchin an volleybaw.

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