New York Red Bulls

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New York Red Bulls
Full name New York Red Bulls
  • Red Bulls
  • Metros
Foondit 1995 (as New York/New Jersey MetroStars)
Stadium Red Bull Arena
Harrison, New Jersey
Ground Capacity 25,000[1]
Owner Red Bull GmbH
Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh
Head Coach Mike Petke
League Major League Soccer
2013 Eastern Conference: 1st
Overall: 1st
Playoffs: Quarterfinals
Wabsteid Club wabsteid
Current saison

The New York Red Bulls are an American profeesional soccer team based in Harrison, New Jersey. The team competes in the Eastern Conference o Major League Soccer (MLS). It is ane o the ten chairter clubs o MLS, haein competit in the league syne its inception. The team wis a foondin member o MLS (1996), but haes gane throu several name chynges. The team wis oreeginally kent as the New York/New Jersey MetroStars throu 1997. Frae the 1998 saison throu the 2005 saison, the team wis kent as the MetroStars. On 9 Mairch 2006, the team wis sauld tae Red Bull GmbH, leadin tae the team's current name. The team is ane o twa MLS franchises in the New York metropolitan aurie, alang wi New York City FC.

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