New York Mets

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New York Mets
2020 New York Mets saison
Established in 1962
New York Mets.svgNew York Mets Insignia.svg
Team logoCap insignia
Major league affiliations

Current uniform
Retired numbers
  • Blue, orange, white[1]
  • New York Mets (1962–present)
Ither nicknames
  • The Metropolitans, The Amazin's, The Metsies[2] The Miracle Mets[3] (1969), The Amazin Mets[3] (1969), The Bad Guys[4] (1986)
Major league teetles
Warld Series teetles (2)
NL Pennants (5)
East Diveesion titles (6)
Wild card berths (3)
Front office
Awner(s)Fred Wilpon (52%)
Several ithers (48%)
ManagerMickey Callaway
General ManagerBrodie Van Wagenen
Preses o Basebaw OperationsSaul Katz

The New York Mets are an American perfaisional basebaw team based in the New York Ceety burgh o Queens.

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