New York Ceety Subway

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New York Ceety Subway
MTA New York City Subway logo.svg
Tap: A nummer 4 train made up o R142 caurs enters the Fordham Road station.
Bottom: An E train made up o R160A caurs waits for passengers at the 42nt Street – Port Authority Bus Terminal station.
NYC Subway R142 on the 4 R160A on the E.jpg
LocaleNew York Ceety
Transit teepRapid transit
Nummer o lines34 pheesical lines
    (1 unner construction)
24 services (1 planned)
Nummer o stations468 (the MTA classification)
421 (when compared tae
    internaitional standards)
4 unner construction
Daily ridership5,380,184 (weekdays, 2012)
3,172,627 (Setturdays, 2012)
2,490,736 (Sundays, 2012)[1]
Begoud operationOctober 27, 1904
    (first unnergrund section)
July 3, 1868
    (first elevatit,
    rapid transit operation)
October 9, 1863
    (first railroad operation)[2]
Operator(s)New York Ceety Transit Authority (NYCTA)
Seestem lenth209 mi (337 km)
    (route length)
656 mi (1,056 km)
    (track length, revenue)
842 mi (1,355 km)
    (track length, tot)
Track gaugeusstandard
Electrification625V (DC) third rail[3] (600V third rail for some lines)
System map

NYC subway-4D.svg

The New York Ceety Subway is a rapid transit seestem ained bi the Ceety o New York an leased tae the New York Ceety Transit Authority,[4] a subsidiary agency o the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. It is the maist extensive public transportation seestem in the warld bi nummer o stations, wi 468 stations in operation (421, if stations connectit bi transfers are coontit as single stations).[1] The New York Ceety Subway is an aa ane o the warld's auldest public transit seestems. Oweraw, the seestem contains 209 mi (337 km) o routes,[5] translating intae 656 mile (1,056 km) o revenue track; an a tot o 842 mile (1,355 km) includin non-revenue trackage.[6] In 2012, the subway delivered ower 1.65 billion rides,[7] averagin approximately 5.4 million rides on weekdays, aboot 3.2 million rides on Setturdays, an aboot 2.5 million rides on Sundays.[1]

Bi annual ridership, the New York Ceety Subway is the busiest rapid transit rail seestem in the Unitit States an in the Americas, as well as the sevent busiest rapid transit rail seestem in the warld; the metro (subway) seestems in Tokyo, Seoul, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, an Guangzhou record a heicher annual ridership.[8] It offers rail service 24 oors per day an every day o the year.[9]

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