New Kinrick o Egyp

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New Kinrick o Egyp

c. 1550 BC–c. 1077 BC
New Kingdom at its maximum territorial extent in the 15t century BC.
Caipital Thebes: (1550 BC - c. 1352 BC) - XVII dynasty an XVIII dynasty afore Akhenaten

Akhetaten: (c. 1352 BC - c. 1336 BC) - Akhenaten o XVIII dynasty

Thebes: (c. 1336 BC - 1279 BC) - XVIII dynasty an XIX dynasty afore Ramesses II

Pi-Ramesses: (c.1279 BC - c. 1213 BC) - Ramesses II of XIX dynasty

Memphis: (c.1213 BC- c. 1077 B.C.) XIX dynasty stairtin wi Merneptah an XX dynasty

Leids Auncient Egyptian, Nubian
Releegion Aincient Egyptian releegion
Government Monarchy
 -  c.1550 BC-c.1525 BC Ahmose I (first)
 -  c.1107 BC-c.1077 BC Ramesses XI (last)
 -  Established c. 1550 BC
 -  Disestablished c. 1077 BC
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The New Kinrick o Egyp, an aa referred tae as the Egyptian Empire, is the period in auncient Egyptian history atween the 16t century BC an the 11t century BC, coverin the Aichteenth, Nineteent, an Twentiet Dynasties o Egyp. The New Kinrick follaed the Seicont Intermediate Period an wis succeedit bi the Third Intermediate Period. It wis Egyp’s maist prosperous time an marked the peak o its pouer.[1]

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