New Kinrick o Egyp

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New Kinrick o Egyp

c. 1550 BC–c. 1077 BC
New Kingdom at its maximum territorial extent in the 15t century BC.
New Kingdom at its maximum territorial extent in the 15t century BC.
CaipitalThebes: (1550 BC - c. 1352 BC) - XVII dynasty an XVIII dynasty afore Akhenaten

Akhetaten: (c. 1352 BC - c. 1336 BC) - Akhenaten o XVIII dynasty

Thebes: (c. 1336 BC - 1279 BC) - XVIII dynasty an XIX dynasty afore Ramesses II

Pi-Ramesses: (c.1279 BC - c. 1213 BC) - Ramesses II of XIX dynasty

Memphis: (c.1213 BC- c. 1077 B.C.) XIX dynasty stairtin wi Merneptah an XX dynasty
Common leidsAuncient Egyptian, Nubian
Aincient Egyptian releegion
• c.1550 BC-c.1525 BC
Ahmose I (first)
• c.1107 BC-c.1077 BC
Ramesses XI (last)
• Established
c. 1550 BC
• Disestablished
c. 1077 BC
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Seicont Intermediate Period
Third Intermediate Period

The New Kinrick o Egyp, an aa referred tae as the Egyptian Empire, is the period in auncient Egyptian history atween the 16t century BC an the 11t century BC, coverin the Aichteenth, Nineteent, an Twentiet Dynasties o Egyp. The New Kinrick follaed the Seicont Intermediate Period an wis succeedit bi the Third Intermediate Period. It wis Egyp’s maist prosperous time an marked the peak o its pouer.[1]

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