New Fraunce

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Viceryalty o New Fraunce
Vice-royauté de Nouvelle-France
Banner o New Fraunce
Ryal Coat o arms
Motto: Montjoie Saint Denis!
"Mountjoy Saint Denis!"
Anthem: Marche Henri IV
"Mairch o Henry IV"
New Fraunce in 1750.
New Fraunce in 1750.
Status Colony o Fraunce
Caipital Quebec
Common leids French
Releegion Roman Catholic
Keeng o Fraunce  
• 1534-1547
Francis I (first)
• 1715-1763
Louis XV (last)
• 1534–1541
Jacques Cartier (first)
• 1755–1760
Pierre de Rigaud (last)
Legislatur Sovereign Cooncil
Historical era Colonial Era
24 Julie 1534
3 Julie 1608
11 Aprile 1713
18 September 1759
8 September 1760
10 Februar 1763
1712 8,000,000 km2 (3,100,000 sq mi)
Currency New France livre
Succeedit bi
Province o Quebec
Nova Scotia
The day pairt o  Canadae
 Unitit States

New Fraunce (French: Nouvelle-France) wis the area colonised bi Fraunce in North Americae during a period beginnin wi the sploration o the Saunt Lawrence River bi Jacques Cartier in 1534 an endin wi the cession o New Fraunce tae Spain an Great Breetain in 1763.