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The neutron is a subatomic hadron pairticle that haes the seembol
, na net electric charge an a mass slichtly lairger nor that o a proton. Wi anly ane kent exception, (hydrogen-1), the nuclei o aw atoms consist o baith protons an neutrons, collectively referred tae as "nucleons". The nummer o protons in a nucleus is the atomic nummer an every atom o that element haes the same atomic nummer (the same nummer o protons). Neutrons are necessary within an atomic nucleus; protons can't stay boond wi ane anither alone (see diproton) acause thair mutual electromagnetic repulsion is stranger nor thair attractive nuclear force.[1] Neutrons bind wi protons an ane anither in the nucleus via the nuclear force, stabilizin it. The nummer o neutrons in an atom is the neutron nummer an determines the isotope o an element. For example, the abundant carbon-12 isotope haes 6 protons an 6 neutrons, whauras the very rare radioactive carbon-14 isotope haes 6 protons an 8 neutrons. Elements mey be foond in naitur as anly ane isotope or wi as mony as 10 isotopes (Manganese an Tin, respectively).

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