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Mar Nestorius
Nestorius Hooghe 1688.png
Nestorius as enveesioned bi the 17t century dutch prentmakker Romeyn de Hooghe, in the beuk History of the church and heretics
Airchbeeshop o Constantinople
Born c. 386
Germanicia, Province o Sirie, Roman Empire (nou Kahramanmaraş, Turkey)
Dee'd c. 450 (aged 63 or 64)
Great Oasis o Hibis (al-Khargah), Egyp
Veneratit in Assyrian Kirk o the East, Syro-Malabar Kirk, Auncient Kirk o the East
Feast October 25
Controversy Christology, Theotokos

Nestorius (Greek: Νεστόριος; c. 386 – 450[1]) wis Airchbeeshop o Constantinople (nou Istanbul) frae 10 Apryle 428 tae August 431, whan Emperor Theodosius II confirmed his condemnation bi the Cooncil o Ephesus on 22 Juin.

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