Neil M. Gunn

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Neil M. Gunn
Born Neil Miller Gunn
8 November 1891(1891-11-08)
Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland
Dee'd 15 Januar 1973(1973-01-15) (aged 81)
Thrift Novelist
Naitionality Scots
Ceetizenship Breetish
Genre general feection
Subject Scots hielands
Leeterar muivement 20t century Scots Renaissance
Notable warks The Silver Darlings (1941)
Notable awairds James Tait Black Memorial Prize for feection
Spoose Jessie Dallas Frew (m. 1921-

Neil Miller Gunn (8 November 1891 – 15 Januar 1973) wis a proleefic novelist, creetic, an dramatist wha emerged as yin o the leadin lights o the Scots renaissance o the 1920s an 1930s. Wi ower twenty novels tae his credit, Gunn wis arguably the maist influential Scots fiction writer o the foremaist hauf o the 20th century (wi the possible exception o Lewis Grassic Gibbon, the pen name o James Leslie Mitchell).

Like his contemporary Hugh Macdiarmid, Gunn wis politically commitit tae the ideals o baith Scots Nationalism an Socialism. His fiction deals primarily wi the hielan communities, an landscapes o its fowk, though the author chose (unlike Macdiarmid an his followers) tae write almaist exclusively in Inglis ower than Scots or Gaelic bit wis heavily influenced in his writing style by the language.

Gunn hud eight siblings, an whin his primary schooling wis completed in 1904, he moved sooth tae bide wi' his older sister Mary an her husband Dr. Keiller, the local gp at Kenbank in St John's Toun o Dalry, Kirkcudbrightshire. He continued his education thare wi tutors, the local schoolmaster an the writer an bard J.G. Carter "Theodore Mayne". He sat the civil service in 1907. This led tae a shift tae Lunnon.

  • The Grey Coast (1926)
  • The Lost Glen (1928)
  • Morning Tide (1930)
  • The Poaching at Grianan (1930 as serial in Scots Magazine) (2005)
  • Sun Circle (1933)
  • Butcher's Broom (1934)
  • Highland River (1937)
  • Wild Geese Overhead (1939)
  • Second Sight (1940)
  • The Silver Darlings (1941)
  • Young Art and Old Hector (1942)
  • The Serpent (1943)
  • The Green Isle of the Great Deep (1944)
  • The Key of the Chest (1945)
  • The Drinking Well (1946)
  • The Silver Bough (1948)
  • The Shadow (1948)
  • The Lost Chart (1949)
  • The Well at the World's End (1951)
  • Blood Hunt (1952)
  • The Other Landscape (1954)
Short stories
  • Hidden Doors (1929)
  • The White Hour (1950)
Essays and autobiography
  • Whisky and Scotland (1935)
  • Off in a Boat (1938)
  • Highland Pack (1949)
  • The Atom of Delight (1956)