Nazca Lines

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Coordinates: 14°43′00″S 75°08′00″W / 14.71667°S 75.13333°W / -14.71667; -75.13333

Lines an Geoglyphs o Nasca an Palpa
UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
1953 aerial photograph bi Maria Reiche, ane o the first airchaeologists tae study the lines
LocationNazca Desert, Peru
CriteriaCultural: i, iii, iv
Inscription1994 (18t Session)
Aurie75,358.47 ha
Coordinates14°43′33″S 75°8′55″W / 14.72583°S 75.14861°W / -14.72583; -75.14861
Nazca Lines is located in Peru
Nazca Lines
Location o Nazca Lines in Peru

The Nazca Lines /ˈnæzkɑː/ are a group o verra lairge geoglyphs formed bi depressions or shallae incisions made in the sile o the Nazca Desert in soothren Peru.[1] Thay war creatit atween 500 BC and 500 AD.[2]

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